Motorcycle Gadgets You Don’t Need
How Harley-Davidson Killed Itself
Gseemz Prieš 17 val
What size handlebars were those
Dee Plato
Dee Plato Prieš 17 val
Another *TIP* Take it easy on the road distance per day on a 70/30 or get a bad case of *SHINKO* *SoReS*
Dee Plato
Dee Plato Prieš 17 val
I'm listening to RF9 instead of the typical sales *KNOB* for my next tire investment
Angry Capsicum
Angry Capsicum Prieš 17 val
Honestly if you're close and can see another vehicle in your path, you should switch to low so you're not blinding them and in turn they should be doing the same. Been "flashbanged" by passing cars up in the twisty hills by a car around a turn and it can be quite scary.
Mellie Mend It
Mellie Mend It Prieš 17 val
It's the only motorcycle company I know of that has to use engine mounts to counter the vibrations of the engine going through the frame. Everyone else makes balanced engines which bolt straight onto the frame without any issues! Really old tech, really heavy, uneconomical, expensive to buy, expensive to run and expensive to maintain. One of my customers took his Harley in for a check over (not a service, no parts fitted, a check over) walked away £380 lighter (approx $535 US) He's now my customer :0)
MiMundoGeek Prieš 17 val
Freedom is on Latino America where Filtering is Allowed 100% no trafic at all
C Prieš 17 val
Can you do a review on an hjc i90
Mark Levy
Mark Levy Prieš 17 val
What about u locks?
jasper decoene
jasper decoene Prieš 18 val
talented host, with a feeling for language, keep up the good work!
Angry Capsicum
Angry Capsicum Prieš 18 val
Well, if they're not going to use their mirrors, why should they get to keep 'em? Note: I do not smash mirrors, like hell I'm paying for damages.
Veg Moto
Veg Moto Prieš 18 val
An old biker told me “it’s more fun to ride a slow motorcycle fast than it is to ride a fast motorcycle slow” and I hear that in my head any time I’m on a liter bike.
Glenwood Flint
Glenwood Flint Prieš 18 val
How you got me to like/care one iota about a Harley is a testament to your taste and conversational prowess. Hat tip to you sir.
Mike Tran
Mike Tran Prieš 18 val
Just like their cars and bikes, American standards are just as shit. No wonder the rest of the world doesn't buy American if they can help it.
John Mackie
John Mackie Prieš 18 val
Hey man, first timer to your channel. I’ve been riding for more that 35yrs and I agree with everything you said about riding in the city. Keep up the good work.
3dsniper Prieš 19 val
Friend of mine has one, took it for a one block test ride.. that was enough for me. One note tho, his sidecar is driven through a differential. Never got maintenance and never died
Deepak Prieš 19 val
What is your view on Honda CB 350 dlx 2020 called H'ness in India
Lekner Ofer
Lekner Ofer Prieš 19 val
awesome awesome review and the conclusion was sharp for me it said get the CRF300L :-)
Ste Jer
Ste Jer Prieš 19 val
My hairdresser would need a lawyer if he/she did my hair like that.
Thorn Spitfire
Thorn Spitfire Prieš 19 val
do himalayan
PY Y Prieš 19 val
If money is not a concern, is the fim helmet the best helmet.
patrick post
patrick post Prieš 19 val
" Like a nearsighted man on El Capitan, you never know how close to the edge you are. " Genius is all i can say. Even if i wasn't into bikes, iIwould come here for the banter.
Gort Newton
Gort Newton Prieš 19 val
Good advice. I bought the rope plug.
Monica Kim
Monica Kim Prieš 20 val
Realizing that I regularly commute in city traffic on my bike, "getting whizzed", in shorts and a broken egg shell on my head was the final straw for choosing a motorcycle. I've been hit by a car twice. Once was preventable, the second time someone actively sought to hit me because they were angry at my speed.
62hotrodvair Prieš 20 val
you could actually put a bicycle flag on the e bike , yes it doesn't look cool, but it looks even cooler not getting run over when a car doesn't see you.
Vishal Bugata
Vishal Bugata Prieš 20 val
In short pura gaad maar diye :'(
Peter McCann
Peter McCann Prieš 20 val
Anyone else tired of seeing these stupid "drop down" sunshades? Let's see...64% of the people in the world wear glasses, 11% contacts (apparently, either helmet designers are ignorant of this (Google?), or, they just decide to add weight, cost, and bulk, while interfering with ventilation), all for a "feature" most of us can't use. Bulky, ~4lb helmets that don't breath, don't work for warm weather slower speed off road riding. Weight increases neck injuries. You'd think at least they could see how many MX9 adventures Bell sells, and get a clue. I love Shoei and Arai quality, and own both, but the Arai is claustrophobic with the chin bar right on your face (and a very dated appearance), and if you don't have a round head, sizing is problematic. The Shoei "adventure" models are too street oriented when it comes to weight and venting. I just bought my second $220 MX9 Adv., and will stick with that until there's a better option for those of us that that actually ride trails and road on the same day.
J P Prieš 20 val
What's aloominum? 😂
VxNemesis Prieš 20 val
Then you look at ducati, same displacement, V architecture and yet 200hp.
FancyBro Prieš 20 val
I’m a teen watching this in the bathroom
Quill Maurer
Quill Maurer Prieš 20 val
In summary: Because Harley's design philosophy has not been updated in nearly a century. I figured that would be the case before watching this video, and indeed no surprise. I can understand it actually, people are out there for nostalgia, not for performance. Their idea of a good time isn't defined by how fast it goes. Problem with this though is that those people will die, or at least quit motorcycling, soon, many already have. Their target audience is old farts, and their nostalgia will have far less appeal to younger generations. They've tried to update their product line, but anyone interested in such things isn't interested in a Harley. Hence I wouldn't be surprised if Harley's days are just as numbered as their target audience's.
Mike Mas
Mike Mas Prieš 20 val
Do the review quit all the silent film Hollywood crap -
drunken unkle
drunken unkle Prieš 21 val
not getting it. Is this a response to the negativity from his other harley video? I've never been a fan of harley or it's community. its more of a fashion statement then about enjoying the ride.
Gary Worzel Graham-Smith
Gary Worzel Graham-Smith Prieš 21 val
Please can I ask.. I have a chance of buying either a T700 or the super ten yamaha.. you have tried both and wondering which you found best for everyday bike please?
john Borne
john Borne Prieš 21 val
People smart enough and/or lucky enough to afford an offroad vehicle find themselves in situations out of their control. Regardless of the man made machine, I haven't known any that a person hasn't been in an accident with. Heck, hikers get hurt relying on their personal machine called the body. I've risen pretty much everything, and, anything can happen at any time. Just like learning to drive a car, something most of us take for granted and a right to adulthood, people need to learn to operate any machine before becoming familiar with it. Pushing the extreme limits can lead to painful ends. Personally I'd prefer the 3 wheeler and the sometimes challenging trails. But I'm a trail rider and explore, not race. Sometimes ego is the enemy, sometimes stupidity. Man, the humans, make the machines, the machine does not make the man...
Quill Maurer
Quill Maurer Prieš 21 val
Me trying to get into motorcycling, asking my friend about what cheap starter bike to get: Him: "Don't buy a project. You want something that runs so you can become a good rider in the first year rather than a good mechanic." Me: "What about this 2002 GZ250, seller says it doesn't run but doesn't say why. But it's only $500" Him: "BUY THAT! No matter what's wrong with it, fixing it won't be hard. Even if you have to rebuild the engine, which is unlikely." Me: [contacts seller, waiting for response]
HighGras Prieš 22 val
still no one video riding in heavy traffic amazing
maxmax155 Prieš 22 val
My wife asked me why I was laughing so bad on a motorbike review, but she'd never understand it.
Angry Capsicum
Angry Capsicum Prieš 22 val
Err, if you are worried about your bike rolling and knocking your kickstand up, you could just put your bike on it's centre stand, it's literally there to provide your bike with stabilization when parked.
Robert Alan
Robert Alan Prieš 22 val
I was almost killed along with my girlfriend at the time by an oncoming car that had the headlights off but two small aftermarket lights mounted close together on the bumper and was moving well above the speed limit. I was just about to make a left hand turn when it flashed by, to this day it gives me chills thinking about it. Also I knew of a family that was in a serious fatal accident when they were trying to pass a bus on the way to cottage country and they seen the bus drive stick his arm out the window waving for them to pass, but he was waving at an oncoming bus driver.
Angry Capsicum
Angry Capsicum Prieš 22 val
or you just buy a cheap ass bike and actually make a scrambler out of it. Buying an marketed scrambler is pretty pointless when you can get something that does it better stock, like an adv or dual sport.
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Prieš 22 val
Outstanding! 👏
alc7898 Prieš 22 val
Yet we see them on the road all the time.
Asa Carrick
Asa Carrick Prieš 22 val
You could learn more from a visit to Triumph showroom without even starting the bike. What a waste of the most valuable thing we have " Time"
ant mensah
ant mensah Prieš 23 val
No mention of trilobite pants? Meant to be top rated
Вадим Соловьёв
Вадим Соловьёв Prieš 23 val
5 mods that cost half of the 1999 dyna
Ash Bernard
Ash Bernard Prieš 23 val
Electric bikes are LESS dangerous to others, that is all that matters really... The rest you can behave properly( Like wearing a full face with lights and a fog horn!)
porticoman Prieš 23 val
Added a rope plug in mine rear. I swear it’s more air right than it was before. For the sake of clarity. My rear tyre.
Garry Newman
Garry Newman Prieš 23 val
"pick up that turd a year early".. lol
Randy Lucas
Randy Lucas Prieš 23 val
Every single person on the road is trying to kill you they're jealous of your happiness do not trust anyone on the road... ever
99nobilis99 Prieš 23 val
The answer is the CB 350 H'Ness
Nischal s
Nischal s Prieš dieną
No one uses them because they are ridiculously expensive, and there are good protective gears that you can buy for fraction of the cost
Brian McManus
Brian McManus Prieš dieną
Broken Clock
Broken Clock Prieš dieną
I'd like to see you do a video about motorcycle ergonomics. Getting your motorcycle to "fit" is one of the most important aspects of riding. I use the cycle-ergo site to find knee angles and arm angles as well as seat height. Works with a passenger too. Great tool. Give it a thought.
Tijl Prieš dieną
What is your audio setup Ryan? I see a Sena20, is this audio from that? Because my audio sound like a tin can
Fabiola tolu2
Fabiola tolu2 Prieš dieną
Bikes are for kid’s, period 👎🏾🚲.
MaLa Prieš dieną
im still getting the 2021 aprilia tuono, its a superior bike
Adnan Omeragic
Adnan Omeragic Prieš dieną
nah, all of these are stupid arguments. Bikes are not dangerous. The cars and road design for cars-only is the real danger. If the % of drivers, to cyclist and the cyclist who use the road now to drivers were to switch places, then you would see far, far fewer collisions and crashes. This analogy doesn't work for motorbikes, tho, as most of them go the speed of cars if not faster. Sure, you can easily hurt your self on an ebike, but i'm pretty sure 2,000,000 deaths globally occurring annually wouldn't happen nor would the hundreds of millions of injuries, too. So to answer your question, the issue isn't ebikes not being safe. It's roads clearly only designed for cars. Just look at the bike lane you were in during some of your filming. Literally just paint meant to protect you from 2 ton steel vehicles travelling at 40mph+ regularly next to a door zone and intersections rifled with right hook conflicts.
DramOfScience Prieš dieną
Since I live in NY, I will definitely pass on the Li battery!
Thomas H
Thomas H Prieš dieną
The test in Norway costs about 4 grand and consists of yard excercises, cruise and city riding. Takes a couple of months. Then you ride together with someone from the dmv for about an hour who can flunk or pass you.
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Prieš dieną
Just think, in 45 years time all motorcycles will be electric powered, so look after yours and it will become a dinosaur....
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Prieš dieną
Who could DISLIKE these videos? It just goes to show there are a lot of crazy people on the internet.
Strider Prieš dieną
1946 Indian chief
Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly Prieš dieną
when he started talking about baby wipes i thought it was gonna be a way to stop a thief 😂😂
Aurijus Trikšys
Aurijus Trikšys Prieš dieną
I choose fast E-bike to reduce the emissions though. Also I can hit 60km/h on my 30kg bike(relatively easy to stop), whereas motorcycles are into hundreds of kilograms. The only difference that I see in safety is the safety gear.
TheJWC56 Prieš dieną
Tell this to Ducati at the MotoGP.... absolute nonsense and unscientific!
Jay Prieš dieną
Scott Ergonomic Pro DP rain gear WITH stretch wins it as an emergency pullover suit when the weather takes a turn for the worse!
Shadow1mpact Prieš dieną
As usual, Outstanding
Razeen Khandaker
Razeen Khandaker Prieš dieną
One note about lithium batteries: The "emptier" they are, the faster they charge. As a Li battery charges it starts charging slower near the top of it's capacity. The slowdown is most noticeable after 80%. (If I am not mistaken)
Allen Jacob
Allen Jacob Prieš dieną
babu taja
babu taja Prieš dieną
The dislikes are legit from people that don't know or understand motorcycles and literary parody.
Francis Hemeter
Francis Hemeter Prieš dieną
JIS vessel I do t have the impact variety but use them everywhere
Klint Izwudd
Klint Izwudd Prieš dieną
Now if you want to attract guys, that's a whole different thing.
Jesse Prieš dieną
Motorcycle wave is the left hand hung low, about a 15 degree angle. So that works
peepoPog Wow
peepoPog Wow Prieš 20 val
I was about to say... I thought that was common knowledge
Deepansh Gupta - Topic
Deepansh Gupta - Topic Prieš dieną
Quick tip that my sensei today me- Never follow someone's line. The first crash you saw was due to that as well. Following the lead rider line trouble him too.
Cathoop85 Prieš dieną
I appreciate the honest review. Golden when golden, and a heads up when not.👍
Alpoholic Prieš dieną
4 years later and still my favorite review of the bike :) Any chance we're going to see you on the revised 2021 MT-07 or the XSR 700 as others have asked for? Would really love to hear your opinion on the CP2 engine :) Thanks for all the great content!
UpstateCraze Prieš dieną
Crazy editing
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Prieš dieną
Thanks for the video. I always did wonder etc etc.
Mark Anthony Reyes
Mark Anthony Reyes Prieš dieną
Makes me feel watching a movie 💪💪💪
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Prieš dieną
Ah yes, I'll have any old tire and a Cocaine cola please.